Sunday, November 20, 2005



Boards of Canada—Dayvan Cowboy

Pharoah Sanders—Astral Traveling (Boozoo Bajou remix)

Kid Koala—Annie’s Parlour

Up Bustle & Out—Hip Hop Barrio

Cassetteboy—Michael Jackson

The Sequence—Simon Says (Deckwrecka remix)

RJD2—Good Times Roll Pt 2




Frankie Crocker—Rap

Roni Size/Reprazent—Watching Windows (Masters At Work remix)

Laila France—Trashy Like TV

John Holt—Rainy Night in Georgia


Esso Steel Band—I Want You Back

Young Tiger—Calypso Be

Gwen Stefani vs. Miles Davis—Summatime Girl

Gwen McCrae—Rockin’ Chair

George Benson—Footin’ It




Dizzy Gillespie—Swing Low Sweet Cadillac (Gerardo Frisina remix)

DVD Review: Collateral (Michael Mann, 2004); In Good Company (Paul Weitz, 2004); Must Love Dogs (Gary David Goldberg, 2005)

Buffalo  Daughter—Li303ve (Suzuki Dekard San) (remix by UNKLE)

Digable Planets—Pacifics

Push Button Objects—360 Degrees

Mos Def/Diverse/Prefuse 73—Wylin’ Out (RJD2 remix)

DJ Shadow—The Number Song (Cut Chemist Party Mix)




Basehead—Not Over You

De La Soul—Transmitting Live From Mars

Aziza A—Biz Bizi Biliriz (We Know Ourselves)

Piero Umiliani—Panoramica (Cinematic Orchestra remix)

The Flamingos—I Only Have Eyes For You

Jon Lucien—Would You Believe In Me

Marlena Shaw—Woman Of The Ghetto

Jean Grae—The Jam

M.I.A.—Pull Up The People (D’explicit remix)

Cedric Im Brooks—Shaft

Wayne Jarrett—Youth Man

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