Saturday, August 27, 2005

As I am on the roadthe next few blog entries will be rather personal. I do realise that it is mostly my friends who read this anyway, but apologies for anyone who doesn’t   know me if this isn’t that interesting. So I am safely in greater San Francisco now after a grueling trip. To save money I decided to fly through Sydney to SF rather than taking one of the now many direct flights that Air NZ offers. This didn’t seem so bad on the way to Sydney as I was given a sweet spot with plenty of room. The Warriors were on the plane and the son of the son of the coach (who was maybe 6 or 7) seemed very excited that his dad had pulled him away from school to see the team’s last game for the season. I don’t follow the sport so have no idea what was happening or any likely outcome.


Arriving in Sydney was not too bad. The departure lounge looked like it had some promise. But then I realised you could pretty much walk around it in about 10 minutes and there was little left to do. So I started reading Sylvia Plath’s novel The Bell Jar. I got engrossed and finished it. Fantastic book (thanks Amber!)


Flying from Sydney to SF was not a wonderful experience. In a telling moment, when boarding  I saw a woman with a bag for something like the 11th Annual Congress of Pain (or about Pain?). I didn’t  have good legroom, the guy next to me kept hogging the arm rest, and as I was on an aisle seat I had nothing to put my head against so got no rest. The movies sucked (Kicking and Screaming, half of Something Like Love, Cheaper By the Dozen, and something else I forget). I must say that the food was good though, props to me for ordering a special meal. This did mean that I got my food way before anyone around me though.


Getting into the US was a barrel laughs too. The post 9/11 experience means having your fingerprints and photo taken. This made things slow for all us non-resident types. But apart from that no worries. Once out though I had the very generous Bridget pick me up (very much so given that I had not met her before) and the wonderful Anthony and Liz invitation into their home even though they are away. So now am here in San Rafael, which is a very nice community. Lots of promising places to eat and interesting stores. I found a music store already and scoped out one potential bargain. Tonight if all goes well will catch up with an old high school friend and get some Ethiopian food. I have also passed some time trying to keep awake by watching Vincent Gallo’s Brown Bunny. It is not something that I would recommend to anyone who doesn’t already completely love Gallo (you know who you are). Indulgence is the name of the game.


More soon.





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